Uppdaterad iRemote med förbrukning för alla i3

Till BMW i3 finns en app för att kommunicera med bilen via din smarta telefon. Du kan befinna dig var som helst i världen och ändå koppla upp dig med din i3. Appen har i dagarna uppdaterats för att även fungera med BMW i8.

Appen har ett antal smarta funktioner såsom:

  • Läsa av batteristatus, räckvidd och under laddning se tid det tar att ladda fullt
  • Starta värmning av kupé, antingen direkt eller till ett angivet klockslag
  • Kolla att dörrar och fönster är stängda, ljusen avstängda och när det är dags för service
  • Låsa eller låsa upp bilen, blinka med ljusen eller tuta
  • Se på karta var bilen befinner sig och vägen dit (Google maps), samt hur långt bilen kan köra med nuvarande räckvidd (ring på karta) och var närmsta laddstationer finns
  • Läsa av statistik för senaste och samtliga körningar, inklusive förbrukning, återvunnen energi, körsträcka samt körsträcka sedan senaste laddning
  • Beräkna insparad mängd CO2

I den uppdaterade versionen har BMW designat om statistikfunktionerna helt och lagt till en överskådlig interaktiv matris med den viktigaste statistiken där man för den senaste körningen ser förbrukning, återvunnen energi, körsträcka samt körsträcka sedan senaste laddning.

Klickar man på ett av de fyra fälten visas en graf med statistik för samtliga körningar. Om man i inställningarna aktiverar jämförelse i webforum får man även se genomsnittet för andra ägare av BMW i3. Här går att läsa riktigt intressant data

  • Genomsnittlig förbrukning uppgår till 2.1 kWh/mil
  • Genomsnittlig maximal körsträcka uppgår till 125 km
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16 reaktioner på ”Uppdaterad iRemote med förbrukning för alla i3

    1. Interesting question Ramón. I would have guessed that they are for both BEV and REX but I am not sure. Anyone with a REX that can read the average i3 community consumption from the app so we can compare?

    1. Thanks Johan,
      We have a BEV and the web forum average on the app is 16.9 kW/h this morning and average is showing 138 km.
      With that it looks like that stats are different for BEV and REX just like Ramón was guessing.

    2. Johan, can you give an update on what your app shows now as average consumption in kWh/100km and km/charge? It would be nice to see that now, 5 months after your earlier post and there should be many more BMWi3 REX now.

  1. Hello Johan,
    I’m doing my command very soon, for the REX version.
    When the electric engine’s working… what’s the consumption?
    I mean… If you fullfill a thank, how many ”hours” will it be able to produce electricity… or how many kms will it enlarge the autonomy?

  2. Hello, I have 3 questions.
    1- Where I live, I have no GSM/GPRS/UMTS coverage. But my garage, is just at 2m where my Wifi ADSL rooter is . Do you know if the BMWi3 is able to connect to the iremote app, using the WiFi?
    2- I live, in a very cold zone of france (in French Jura at 1200mts altitude, where temps may arrive to -35ºC). in case the iRemote doesn’t work with WiFi, is it possible to program the i3 heating to start everyday at the same hour?
    3- Never had a car with heated seats… In these kinds of temps, is it usefull?
    4-During the test drive, the BMW salesman told the version REX with heated seats, is the only model which heats also the battery… Is this true?
    Thank you for your responses,

    1. Hi Cristovao
      1) The car itself is not able to connect through wifi to my knowledge. However, as I understand it most data is saved on a BMW server and the app is not connecting to the car directly so you will probably be able to see stats etc. But you will not be able to send commands to the car, like starting the heating.
      2) Yes there is a timer function with times and weekdays and it can be set directly from the car interface (if you are not able to use the app)
      3) Yes heated seats are VERY useful. It is quick and energy efficient (keeping low temperature in the car and seat heats on will give you better range)
      4) I believe that is false. What I do know is that only the BEV (without REX) can be ordered with the heat pump that will heat interior and batteries more energy efficient than without. In Sweden the heat pump comes as standard on BEV.

      1. We have heated seats on our BEV.. We are in Phoenix, AZ…I thought what a waste but the other night it got a bit chilly and boy those heated seats were cozy !

        1. Hi John,

          They certainly are cozy. However, I find the low heat (lowest of the three seat heating modes) a bit too warm. I find myself turning it on and off. I would prefer to have less heat on the lowest mode.

          1. I’d agree. I seldom use the two higher settings. They could have lowered the range or even better given seat heaters a manual temp adjustment control, …..and to add more suggestions a the rear camera being on anytime you wanted it would have been excellent too. Overall I’m delighted with this car.

  3. Hi,
    On the REX app average consumption is 17,0kWh/100km and average distance per charge is 120km.

    The distance between charging is not relevant, myself is charging where I have the chance. Some here some there, mostly CCS because I don’t have the opportunity to charge over night at home.

    I’ve driven 10600km so far, 9000km on public free electricity. I wish my landlord let me charge in the garage, I’ll pay for it of course, but they refuse 🙁

    /Johan GBG

    1. Hi, eller hej…jag får inte min community att vara på,, har du nån ide varför den inte kan vara på hela tiden? Vilka i3 bilar jämförs man med, Sverige, hela världen?

  4. Hi,

    I work with high power electronics and as becoming an ”aged MD” and have had the opportunity to buy a new car every 2-3 years I decided to buy an i3 without the extender. Im not a car guy in any way so my the choice of the i3 instead of the supposed Merc, Audi or bigger BMW for that matter felt boring. I am completely flabbergasted, it´s a pleasure all the way and every day. I could have become a salesman for BMW with a product like this.
    My colleges, customers and suppliers who visit us can borrow my car whenever they have the possibility and I always get the key back with a big smile.

    However the REX is not to be recommend. The development group at BMW recommend to buy the vehicle without the REX. Less weight thus longer Edrive.
    The charging is not a problem – cars are mostly parked and with access to some kind of outlet so your OK. My previous Audi was parked 82% of the time according it´s computer and with an average speed of 32km/h.

    You have to think in different way. I have a setup of cables, pluggs, chargers. I actually have charged my car with a small single phase generator from Yamaha – it works and hopefully the new models can be placed under the bonnet, at the front. So there you go.

    / Neil Mc Cartney/ GBG/Sweden

    1. Yes I know the surprise that experience of the i3 performance . We have had the car 4 months now and the fun continues…We installed solar panels so the question for us was which one..I thought we’d have to settles for the Leaf..the Tesla was just not the kind of urban car we wanted to be driving every day ..the minute I got behind the wheel of the i3 I was delighted and sold. The BEV range of this car here in Phoenix area is excellent — our average efficiency is holding at 4.3miles/kWh which means a solids 90 miles for a full charge. Looked into Rex but the alternative fuel registration incentive in AZ would have been lost –that would have been an added $700 fee the first year. We have no need for the Rex with our driving pattern. Seldom use more than 50% of the battery and our recharge time frame works perfectly for the level 1 charging …the cost of our electric generation is about .06/kWh (includes the hardware and grid fees) so a full ”tank” of electricity costs about $1.20 vs the equivalent 4 gals of gas averaging $8 even at today’s prices. With these savings, I’ll definitely get back my investment for both the car and the panels over the next ten years. Couldn’t ask for more.

  5. Does anybody know if you can retrofit the heated car seats. Are the wiring looms and elements already in the seats? I can see a connector and some wiring underneath each seat. Any information gratefully received. Pete

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