Utan räckviddsförlängare

För egen del är beslutet nu fattat – det blir en BMW i3. Bilen är beställd och tillverkas under januari för att levereras i februari.

Bilen kommer att ha följande extrautrustning:

  • Comfort package [7RS] +15120 SEK ex moms
    – Multifunktion i ratt [249]
    – Automatiskt avbländbara inner och ytterspeglar, elektriskt infällbara [430]
    – Dryckeshållare [442]
    – Armstöd fram [473]
    – Förvaringspaket [493]
    – Regnsensor [521]
    – Klimatautomatik [534]
  • 19″ BMW i Lättmetallfälg turbineker 428 [2G5], +6480 SEK ex moms
  • Stöldlarm med fjärrkontroll [302], +3680 SEK ex moms
  • Snabbladdning DC [4U7] +12080 SEK ex moms
  • LED element [5AK] +1520 SEK ex moms
  • Högtalarsystem harman/kardon [674] +6080 SEK ex moms

Under december har BMW dessutom erbjudit Navigationssystem Professional [609] utan extra kostnad.

Notera speciellt att range extender (REX) valts bort. Det innebär visserligen att det ”bara” går att förlita sig till den räckvidd som batterierna erbjuder, men det gör också bilen 150 kg lättare och förbättrar accelerationen (0-100 km/h på 7.2 s istället för 7.9 s). Dessutom är det ett ekonomiskt beslut eftersom REX kostar 36 000 SEK extra och skulle kräva service av en förbränningsmotor framöver.

En del påstår att andrahandsvärdet försämras negativt utan REX, men jag är inte alls övertygad. Eftersom jag kommer att behålla bilen minst 3 år tror jag laddystsem kan var bättre utbyggda då. Dessutom tror jag att en ren elbil kommer att vara skattemässigt gynnad under lång tid framöver medan hybrider kan komma att beskattas på sikt (fordonsskatt, trängselskatt, parkering m m). Vad tror du? Lämna en kommentar!

Totalt kostar bilen ca 320 000 SEK ex moms (ca 400 000 SEK inkl moms). Om en elbil köps privat är den fortfarande dyr att köpa jämfört med andra bilar, även efter statlig supermiljöpremie på 40 000 SEK. Om den däremot köps som tjänstebil framstår den helt plötsligt som prisvärd eftersom förmånsvärdet reduceras kraftigt. En kalkyl kommer att redovisas senare.

För mer tillbehör se bmw.se eller prislistan (2013)

All forskning inom ekonomisk psykologi visar nu att jag inte kommer att vara objektiv i mina bedömningar framöver. Det är naturligt att försvara ett genomfört köp i efterhand. Jag kan bara förmedla att jag är ytterst medveten om fenomenet och ska göra vad jag kan för att vara så objektiv som jag förmår.

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5 reaktioner på ”Utan räckviddsförlängare

  1. Hej!

    Jag är väldigt intresserad av att byta min BMW mot en i3!

    Tänker på laddarna som BMW erbjuder, AC & DC. Ser att du valt snabbladdare DC & vad innebär det? Måste man ha den för att kunna ladda enligt den nya 400v standarden som erbjuds på publika laddstationer i stan/Mc DOnalds etc?

    Om man inte väljer någon laddare alls, kan man bara ladda i vanliga 220v vägguttag?

    Har du provkört REXen? Upplevde du att den var ”tröttare” än den utan hjälpmotor?

    Vet du vad vinterhjul kostar?

    För att kunna se bilens status på mobilen, vilka tillbehör krävs? Räcker det med ConnectedDrive Services? Eller måste man välja till Internet också?

    Vet du om det finns någon form av takräcke som gör att man kan ta med ex skidor?

    Kan man köra non stop med REX & bara tanka besin eller måste bilen laddas när bensinen tar slut?

    Hoppas du har svar på dessa frågor. I Stockholm kan bara en person på Bavaris Solna svara på den här typen av frågor!



  2. Hej Alex!

    Thanks for all your questions. I try to answer as many as I can and hope it is ok to answer in English since there are a lot of readers from outside Scandinavia.

    With AC you will be able to charge the car with up to 32 A and get 80% in three hours. The DC charger is required for the fast chargers that can charge an empty car to 80% level in 20-30 minutes (CCS EU). At the moment there are not many fast chargers in Sweden (10 to be exact according to the excellent site uppladdning.nu The ones that are built are either too close or too far away from the Stockholm city centre to be useful. I would prefer to have them at 70-100 km from the city along the highways to allow for longer trips, but I am sure that is in the pipeline. It is just taking a bit too long. To equip the car with DC is currently not worth it, but I think it will future proof the car.

    The car comes with a standard charger with a Schuko plug (household plug). Without the DC option you will, as I understand it, still be able to use semi-fast chargers with Mode-3 Type-2 plugs (this is also AC and can use 220V or 400V).

    I test drove an i3 REX at BMW before the purchase but finally decided to buy a BEV (without REX). Moth models are quick and I cannot say I noticed any huge difference. On paper the BEV makes 0-100 in 7.2 sec and the REX in 7.9. Again not huge.
    However, there are some decisions have had second thoughts about (for example I would buy the car with ‘5A2 LED headlights’ if I were to buy an i3 today) but to opt out the REX and go for the BEV is something I never regretted. On the contrary I have read about problems with the REX and how it kicks in too late and is not generating enough power to keep the car running without restrictions (speed and heating).

    You are asking about rails to take skis on ski trips. Unfortunately I have no experience from that. But it makes me wonder if the i3 really is the right car for you. The i3 is unbeatable in the city, but you will run into problems if you frequently plan to use it for longer trips. Especially considering the poor infrastructure of fast chargers in Sweden. Read the last issue of ViBilägare (2014 #3) to see what happened to them when going on a ski trip with the i3 REX. Frankly I would go so far as to say that if you want a car that you use for occasional ski trips there are better hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius or Volvo V60 plug-in-hybrid.

    Another important consideration to make about REX is that it is not possible to combine with the heat pump. In Sweden the heat pump is standard, but if you select the REX model you do not get the heat pump. The heat pump will reduce the energy consumption to warm up the interior and batteries and will extend the range. Hence, an i3 with REX will have shorter pure electric range than the BEV.

    There are different combinations of winter tires and rims. The tires BMW recommended for Scandinavian winter conditions are called ‘Bridgestone Blizzak NV M+S’ and on a standard rim they cost 15 900 SEK incl VAT and on the fancy LM 428 rim they will set you back 19 900 SEK incl VAT.

    Finally, I have do not have ConnectedDrive nor Internet Connection and I can still check the status of the car through the iRemote app.

    1. Hi, thx for your reply! 🙂

      About the skis, its more to go skiing with my 2 girls in the slopes in Stockholm. Not far up north.

      Do you know if the REX is possible to drive continuously as long as its refueled with petrol? Or is charging after one gas tank a must?

      You know the green charging staions at Mc Donalds, MAX and if you live in Stockholm, the ones at Kungsholmen @ the PREM gas station? Is it possible to fast recharge the car without choosing any optional charger (like DC and AC BMW provides)?

      So far, im actually in to the REX model. I know its more expensive and slower, but its good ”just in case”. Unfortunately, i don’t really like it, ill rather go full electric, but whatever.. My trips will in 90% of all times be in the center and near surroundings of Stockholm, but i will also take the car to our summer house. Its about 75km from where we live. I can charge the car when we arrive.

      Cheers, Alex

      1. Hi Alex,

        Ok, then I understand. From what I have heard/read it is possible to keep driving with REX as long as you refill with gas.

        The fast charging package sold in Sweden is both AC 7,4kW och DC 50kW (4U7+4U8) and costs 15 100 SEK. Without this package I believe the fastest charging is limited to 3.7kW and will be able to refill the car in about 6 hours. You have to eat the burgers very slowly.

        For the 75 km trip to the summer house I think the BEV is more than enough. You will be able to do the trip also during the winter without any problems, but in the summer you can even make an excursion on the way.

  3. Hi again

    Ok, so going for the charge package sounds like a good idea. I don’t take 6 hours for me to eat burgers. 😀

    Another reason for me feeling i need to get the REX is if i move to some other apartment, where I might not be able to charge the car from home. So there for its a good guarantee for me. I would lease the car from work so the monthly cost wont be that much higher anyway.

    I had a look at the LED kit you recommend. I have seen how it looks and it looks great! But, for 8500sek its not worth it in my opinion. The small LED kit would do a good enough job for me. I will go for the Harman Kardon speakers. I thought about a ”drawback” with them and if i play them loud and have a good party in the car, the range will be reduced significantly!! Haha 😀

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