Much has been written about BMW’s prestigious project and the new BMW i3. Most reproduces in positive terms dutifully the data provided by BMW mixed with own impressions from a short test drive. Since I am looking for an environmentally friendly, quiet and futuristic car, I have consumed most that has been written but it has still left many questions unanswered about the new car and its brand new technology:

  1. Is the range sufficient to meet family needs?
  2. Will “fuelling” be perceived as easier than before or will it be a hassle of dragging dirty cords?
  3. How easy will it be to drive longer distances and the car recharged at locations other than at home, whether at fast recharging stations or at over the day parking lots providing an outlet?
  4. Can a normal person understand the recharging infrastructure and compatibility between them?
  5. How does an electric car function in cold climate, especially
    – How good is the heating of the passenger compartment and seats?
    – How easy is it to preheat the car before start, and how much energy does it cost if the car is not plugged in?
    – How is the range affected when the car has been parked in cold temperature for a few hours and is driven home without any notice (without preheating)?

    Personally I think it is fun to drive. It may well go fast and I do not reconcile with hardcore environmentalists who make it a sport to save some fuel by driving economically.

    What type of car you choose is largely based from the needs you have. With access to another car for longer distances range of the electric vehicle will not be a real issue as long as it cover most commuting situations. I understand that it does not apply to all who are looking to buy a car, but it certainly applies to very many.

    It should be said that this website has been created entirely on my own initiative and that I have no connection or association with BMW, nor paid by anyone in the automotive industry.