The sportier BMW i3s is here

The new BMW i3s has been released. With a sportier look and faster acceleration, it will emphasize how much fun it is to drive an electric car and not only the positive environmental effects.

Compared to the new i3 (94 Ah), the i3s features:

  • More powerful motor with 135 kW/184 hp (+10 kW compared to i3)
  • Design face lift
  • 10 mm lower ride height
  • 40 mm wider track width
  • New wider wheels

The changes will improve acceleration and have the i3s reach 100 km/h (60 mph) in just 6.9 seconds. Perhaps more important for a city car is that you pass 60 km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

For more information see the BMW press material

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6 thoughts on “The sportier BMW i3s is here

  1. Great to see the introduction of the sporty s model. I guess this and changes to the regular i3 (such as the standard adoption of LED headlights) are a reflection of how many i3’s are being used as the main or only car rather than as a supplementary urban runabout. It’s a pity that the battery has not been further enhanced to extend the range as I was hoping when it comes to replace my 60ah car that I could manage without the REx option – really need to be able to do 150 EV miles before I could disgard the braces and just rely on the belt of a reliable charging infrastructure. Also a little disappointed that the lighter silver colours have been discontinued and a few irritants, such as replacing the rear seat cup holders with a storage box, have not been addressed. I would also like to see the availability of more bundled packs such as a technology pack to supplement the Sport pack. Really looking forward to test driving the i3s as having come from a succcesion of MINI Cooper S s the only downside of i3 driving has been the loss of the limpet go kart handing.

  2. We are interested in buying a i3 as a single car for our family. We got to borrow a 60 Bev from BMW in Gothenburg over a weekend and hade a blast. We are coming from a 2017 kuga with all bells and whistles but im very motivated to go electric. The reason i have not yet pulled the trigger is uncertainties regarding prices up until and after bonus-malus. You get a demo 94 bev with 5000km for around 320 kkr or a older rex for 250 kr, what do you think will happen after June 1 and would you recomend waiting and order a new with the bonus this summer?
    Thank you for a great source of info!

  3. Just a follow up to my original post of nearly 2 years ago. Changed my original 60ah REx for a 94ah i3s REx 9 months ago and have been really surprised at how much better the car drives. The LCI seems more refined and the lowered suspension, wider track and wider wheels have greatly improved the i3’s roadholding and handling. The ride is firm but the trade off is a far less bouncy ride. I bought my new car somewhat earlier than I expected because I decided I still preferred a REx to the longer range 120ah battery. Unfortunately the charging infrastructure is still not good enough to be able to plan a journey without not just allowing time for charging stops but also for delays whilst waiting for a CCS charger to become available or to move onto another location. I’ve had no warranty issues or glitches so really pleased with quality of car. Performance difference over standard car is imperceptible but that may be partly down to the heavier weight of the 94ah battery. All round the i3s is a terrific little car.

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