600 BMW i3 in Sweden

Bil Sweden reports that 379 BMW i3 were registered in Sweden during 2015. Adding the ones registered in 2013 and 2014 the total now amounts to 600 cars! Most buyers have chosen the REX equipment and only one third the pure electric BEV version.

During 2015 Sweden registered:
– 996 Tesla
– 841 Nissan Leaf
– 378 Renault Zoe
– 278 VW e-Golf
– 157 VW e-Up
– 131 Nissan E-NV200

31 BMW i8 can now be spotted on Swedish roads.

In total 8577 plug in hybrids and pure electric cars were sold – a mere 2.5% of total personal cars registered.  Sweden has made bold  statements about a fossil free fleet in 2030 and tried to position itself in Paris  Climate Change Meeting. It is time to increase the Incentives!

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One thought on “600 BMW i3 in Sweden

  1. Måste säga att Regeringen verkligen har gjort sitt yttersta för att få upp försäljningen av miljövänliga bilar. Vi kan ta ett exempel – att sittande regering väljer att halvera ersättningen till de som väljer en miljövänlig bil t.ex.

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