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BMW i3 is a very affordable car. Consider direct subsidies, vehicle tax, taxable benefit, fuel costs and parking – you will see that the i3 is cheaper than an entry level VW Golf. Certainly in Sweden and I would think in a lot of other countries.

How to calculate was shown in the post Cheaper than other cars on this site in the beginning of January last year.

BMW ad SvDNow, also BMW has understood the value of such a comparison, and has during the summer been running an ad campaign in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet called Electric cars cheaper to own than you think.  Same content, same structure, same comparison, same choice of words.

A link to the original article on this blog might have been valuable. Because an independent source is always more trustworthy than an ad and because there are more details in the calculation.

Of course BMW may use information from all posts in this blog. I am happy to help more people understand what a great car the BMW i3 is!

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2 thoughts on “Cheap BMW

  1. Just to mention: the article is sponsored by BMW… and not written by journalists at SVD.
    Still the facts seems mostly correct…

    1. Correct, Lars. Probably not written by BMW either, but most likely a PR company that made life a little easier 🙂

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