To change wheels is easy

If you prefer to work in the spring sun instead of waiting at the customer reception in an industrial area you should change wheels yourself.

To shift from winter to summer wheels and vice versa is simple. The owner’s handbook is, however, very thin and the only thing written is really that “tools for changing wheels are available as optional accessories from the Service centre”. Obviously, most of the BMW i3 owners will shift tyres at a workshop, but sometimes it can be easier and faster to do it yourself than to make an appointment and go somewhere to change.

Jack mounting points are marked in the manual and the only thing you need is a jack and wrench (I used #17).

Jack mounting points

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The only problem I had was that the wheels were stuck so hard that I thought i3 maybe had some extra lock or mount that regular cars do not have. The bolts were removed but I could not get the wheels off. Could it be something with the tyre pressure system RDC? Now I know that it is just to hit hard at the sides to disengage the wheel.

That the wheels were stuck seem to be due to rust at the hub. i3 is largely built of carbon fibre, but here it is steel with some rust as a result.

20150423_181002 604x270

When mounting the new wheels one should note that the rear tyres are slightly wider than the front wheels (175/60 rear and 155/70 front). Some tyres may have a specific rotation, always marked on the outside of the tyre.

When the wheels are shifted the tyre pressure should be checked. The desired tyre pressure is indicated on a plate attached to the rear door on the driver side. If usually driving alone or with just one passenger the pressure in front tyres should be 2.3 bar (33 PSI) and rear 2.8 bar (41 PSI).

20150513_130103 604x270

Finally, the tyre pressure system RDC should be reset through the iDrive system in the car.

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13 thoughts on “To change wheels is easy

  1. Jag har köpt nya vinterhjul till min i3:à. Beställda från BMW i Jönköping. Vid montering noterade jag att det var samma bredd fram som bak. Sommardäcken är bredare bak. Är det någon som har samma bredd bak och fram?

    1. Hi Anders
      All of my winter tyres are 155/70R19. Purchased from BMW Stockholm. Think (and hope 🙂 ) this is correct.

  2. Hi, yes, wintertires have: 155/70R19. But be aware the the tire rims are different front & rear ! 5″ front and 5,5″ rear and diffret offset!
    Warning! If accidently swaped rim position the tyre will scrape the front springs and will get damaged !

    1. Thanks for the heads up Henrik. But I don’t understand why you would buy two different rims when you’re going to mount the same tire on them or did you mean when putting on a set of winter tires on the old summer rims? Thanks

      1. I think I have the answer now. The front wheel is going to scratch against the rubber spring/damper protection thing if back wheels are placed in front!?

  3. Are the plastic jack points on the car rectangular or round? The jack you used appears to be round? How did you fit those two together?

    1. Believe the jack points on the car are rectangular. The jack I am using is round but since they are bigger than the ones on the car it is pushing everything up and works ok.

  4. I have the tyre but I cannot reset the rdc it goes in a loop asking me to check tyre pressure and reset!! Any idea why?

    1. Have you done the RDC reset (100% complete) and then it asks again? Does it ask immediately or next time you start the car?

  5. I’m thinking of buying a spare alloy. The tyres are hard to obtain and as a result, without a spare, the car could be off the road for a few weeks before stock can be obtained. SO, does the front alloy fit on the rear axle. I understand, from comments on this thread that the rear alloy won’t fit on the front axle. Therefore if buying a spare, buy an alloy which fits the front as it will do both, or am I wrong?

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