Winter tyres for i3

For many i3 owners it is time to think about which tyres to be put on the car. With the odd tyre dimension, there are not many options.

As our BMW i3 was delivered in January, we had to order winter tyres already when the car was shipped and have already been driving a season on snow. The narrow and tall tyres have a dimension called 155 / 70R19 84Q and after some searching on the net, there still only seems be Bridgestone that manufactures tyres in the dimension.

The choices that can be made are then

  • Rim
  • Rubber compound
  • Retailer



Winter tyres can be mounted on the 5×19 rims LM427 or LM428. The latter is better looking but also more expensive (about 400 EUR extra at BMW Sweden).

LM427:LM427    LM428:LM428

Rubber compound

The tyres are made in two different rubber compounds. A soft compound for Nordic road conditions (Blizzak NV M+S) and a harder compound to suit cold and wet roads that are usually not snow-covered (Blizzak LM500). There is little price difference between these compounds and the choice should be made based on where the car will be driven.


The easiest is of course to buy the tyres directly from your local BMW dealer and the prices for four tyres and rims were in Stockholm beginning of the year:

Bridgestone Blizzak LM500 on
· Rim LM427 14 900 SEK (1 640 EUR)
· Rim LM428 18 900 SEK (2 080 EUR)

Bridgestone Blizzak NV M+S (Nordic)
· Rim LM427 15 900 SEK (1 750 EUR)
· Rim LM428 19 900 SEK (2 190 EUR)

Alternatively tyres can be purchased from to save some money

Bridgestone Blizzak LM500 on
· Rim LM427 1 169 EUR (10 600 SEK)
· Rim LM428 1 698 EUR (15 400 SEK)

To the above prices an additional 100 EUR should be added for shipping and any extra amount for mounting. It should be noted that Procarshop does not seem to sell the Nordic rubber compound.

It also possible to buy just the tyres (without rim) from e g Delticom (,, and they will set you off 640 EUR for 4 tyres if purchased on the German site (7000 SEK on the Swedish).

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8 thoughts on “Winter tyres for i3

  1. It really seems the manufacturers take every knone or euro they can get from a little special wheel size..

    1. Thanks Daniel
      Good that Nokian is also producing tyres in the dimension. However, the price for four tyres (without rims) is 7000 SEK, same as Bridgestone.
      The 5×19 rims cost 12064 SEK (1330 EUR) so the total is also about the same. Maybe I fancy the BMW rims better.

  2. Leasing company got me BMW rims (427) with Bridgestones (no studs). Not much to add for the conversation here. Sorry.

    In another note, has anyone bothered to calculate the “fuel” costs for i3? My own non scientific calculation for sep.
    Sep stats:
    – 1650 km
    – 283 kWh (estimate)
    – 299,97 SEK

    Does this sound like a good ball park figure?

  3. Hi, I just bought wintertyres from Germany, quick delivery to my door(Stockholmarea), freight €19.90 only. But I have not my car yet, supposed to be delivered next week…

  4. Now that winter is over…I sadly realize that the Bridgestone winter tyres for my i3…only lasted 19.000kms in the rear tyres! OK… I drive in alpine roads… but 19.000kms is way too less!
    Has someone an experience with the Nokian tyres?

  5. About snow tire , which manufacturer make winter tires in the 155 / 70R19 84Q dimension with the mountain flake logo required here in Québec? ( it’s a logo only for north america )

    1. Bonjour Pierre,

      I’ve just fitted Nokian WRs for my i3…it is I believe the only A Rated Winter tyre in the World…I can confirm that it has the mountain Flake marking as you’d expect. It also has B rating for Efficiency so tachnically it’s might improve range by a few Kms. I live near Oxford, England so haven’t had any snow yet buts tons of rain and they are simply amazing in the wet and very quiet…far more assured in wet conditions than the Ecopias…I sent a email to Nokian begging them to make their ALLWEATHER tyre available in R19 as that would solve this issue at a stroke, an A rated Winter tyre that perfect for the Summer too, Bliss !

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