Second charger free of charge

Being among the first BMW i3 owners involves obvious risks as a new concept is launched and teething issues end up in the lap of owners. It also means benefits because BMW will not allow a failure in a project they invested billions in and is so strategically important for the future.

There have been owners that had problems with the drive train and even some that have been standing at the roadside waiting to be towed to BMW. I have not had any such problems. The car has worked flawlessly. However, I have on 2-3 occasions received an error when I just turned off the car:

Drivetrain. Do not turn off the engine. When the engine has been switched off restart is not possible. Drive to the nearest BMW Service Center

Drivetrain. Do not turn off the engine. When the engine has been switched off restart is not possible. Drive to the nearest BMW Service Center

Obviously not a lot of fun. After a call to BMW I was told that if the car can drive it will not be dangerous and will not damage the car, but such errors should of course not be present in such a lavish car. Therefore, the car has now been upgraded and I urge other owners to do the same even if the error has not yet occurred. The upgrade is called Action 10012780300 Programming and Code Control Unit.

BMW also upgrades fittings for the back seat (rubber cushion dampening when the rear seat is raised) and the roof antenna for radio.

A happy surprise was that the standard charger is replaced as it apparently falls short of the IP44 it claims. If you have a charger marked 7644241-02 it might be a good idea to stop by the BMW dealer and pick up the newer 7644241-03.

In the previous post Standard Charger Enough at Home, I have written that most owner will not need to buy a wallbox or other charging station at home. The only thing I have missed, however, is a charger that is always in the car (ours is always left by the carport). Since I have only used it when parking on in a space requiring the car to be plugged in or at the Arlanda airport, the need has not been enough to justify the 4 465 SEK (490 EUR) BMW is charging for an extra charger. Now I got an extra for free from BMW. Thank you!

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9 thoughts on “Second charger free of charge

  1. Hello, would you please be so kind to provide me with some contact at the BMW dealer who informed you about this update?
    I should get my i3 in a week and it will be transported to me, because I live 300 km far from the nearest dealer. So “stopping by” at the dealer is not an easy thing for me to do. My dealer claims that he is not aware of any of the points you mentioned above, the good news is that the charger is already at revision -3.
    I would contact your dealer directly to find out where did this info come from and then check why BMW Austria is not aware of this.
    BTW, if you know how to check if the software update was already applied, would be great. Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Zsolt

      Exciting to get the new car!

      BMW never informed me but after reading that others with a drive train problem had received the update I passed by the dealer and asked them. Yes i am lucky to have one close to where I live.

      I am very surprised that BMW Austria cannot find the update by its Action Id. You would think they are global. Most likely everything is already included in your delivery but I agree it is always good to check. Especially since you live far from the dealer.

      If you need more info I suggest you call BMW global. They can also see what version your car has. If it does not work, try contacting BMW Stockholm but I am not sure they will be able to tell you much more than what is in the post above. Phone nombers etc are available on

      1. Yes, excited 🙂 but want to prepare all I can, to avoid the need to “drop by” the dealer at some point…
        Thanks for the info, enjoy yours :-), and thanks for the web site too, keep going.

  2. Hi,
    I have my i3+rex for 3 weeks, and already had several problems:
    – The type2/type2 cable got stuck 3 hours in a charging station
    – I got a flat tyre, and the damage in the tyre was too big to the “glue” solution, so I had to put earlyer my snow tyres
    – This morning the standard 220v cable shows “Charging Fault” with red led, and the breakers from the counter box halted!!!
    But, for what concerns this last problem… my cable is a serial number 8626485-02
    How can I know that the problem may be from the cable, and not the car?
    Only with 3 weeks… the cable should be replaced within warranty, no?

  3. Thanks for the good info!
    I picked up my i3 mid July (manufactured in June) and it came with 7644241-03.

    I also had the cars SW upgraded about a month ago. I had no issue whatsoever with the car prior to it and the upgrade was offered as a “post sales action” (customer care).

    The only Charging Fault I had in the past was fixed by unplugging and plugging back the cable to the car. It seems like the car does not “like” when I am too careful plugging the cable. I use a swifter move to plug the cable and I never had a charging fault anymore.

    Happy owner and 6359 km so far.

    Planing a trip Stockholm – Helsinborg (in SWE) and we will see how it goes with the few quick charges along the way (or lack of them) and with REX support (specially in the last 240 km as apparently, there are no CCS EU charges there).

  4. I have my i3 since May 2014 and quite satisfied and happy with it.
    One problem though since the tire rims are convex (outwards the tires) and easy to
    get damaged when parking for exemple.
    Let me know what you guys think about this that I think is more of a design problem
    since I hardly find this in any other BMW model.
    I already complained to the dealer and my complain has no base for exchange the rims unless at my cost.

  5. I got a charging default message once when the receptacle I plugged into had wiring reversed polarity.

    1. Hej Lars,

      Har själv fått samma meddelande ngn gång. Kollade med BMW och de sa att det inte var några problem. Du bör självklart kolla med dem för säkerhets skull.

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