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BMW i3 is a really good car. However, there are some details that BMW may reconsider for the next version. The horn is unfortunately a one note horn that does not quite live up to expectations to put it mildly.

When driving an almost nearly dead silent car there are situations when you just want to make someone aware that you are approaching. It has happened several times that pedestrians are in the middle of the street and do not notice that I am driving behind them. A discrete horn is then preferred.

However, in city traffic among other cars I am almost embarrassed to use the horn. Attached is a small audio sample so all readers that do not (yet) own an i3 understand.

Perhaps the solution can be found in the promised land of electric cars – Norway. The comedian group Ylvis, best known for the mega hit “What Does The Fox Say?“, has in their program fitted a proper horn on an electric car.

What do you think? Is it time to retrofit a better horn on the i3?

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4 thoughts on “Retrofit horn

  1. That’s amusing, but IMHO rather impolite…

    My preferred sound would be more like the discreet but clear gong used on modern trams (which also have a powerful horn, for more serious situations!)

  2. I agree the standard horn is useless: too much for discreet signalling to pedestrians or bicycles and an embarassement amongst other cars. I had a Volvo V40 before and loved the sound of its horn (although rarely needed it).

    In an electric car, I would imagine it is part of the digital package and one could programme the kind of horn one likes and needs. How on earth it is still a mechanical horn anyhow?

  3. When I first beeped the horn on my i3, I assumed that the second horn was broken. I’m kind of relieved to have found this page, and that I don’t have a faulty car. I understand weight reduction was a consideration during the design phase, but a single tone horn in a high-end car? Seriously?!

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