81 BMW i3 in Sweden

Statistics published by Bil Sweden now summarize the total number of BMW i3 in Sweden to 81 cars.

38 BMW i3 were registered in March and has been increasing steadily with 10 cars in January and 22 in February. The target BMW Sweden set to 200 for 2014 appears to be low. Overall, it is now evenly split between BEV (only electricity) and REX (with range extender).

Registered-20013-03 chart

By comparison, the same number of Nissan Leaf were registered in March (also 38 cars), that 32 Tesla came out on Swedish roads and that VW registered 22 e-Up. Leaf has existed a few years now and has a head start with 500 registered cars since launch.

Total number of passenger cars registered during March in Sweden amounted to almost 28 000.  BEV and PHEV totalled 413 (1.5%).

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