LED if you fancy the looks

LED is optional but cost plenty to buy. If you want LED daytime running lights for driving during the day the price in Sweden is 1900 SEK. If you also want LED headlights another 8500 SEK should be added. Is it worth buying LED on an electric vehicle where you do everything possible to increase the range?

First a little clarification. In some countries the daytime running lights with LED come as standard, but in Sweden, you pay for it. LED headlights means only low beam. Main beam always seem to be halogen on the BMW i3.

A standard pair of halogen headlights (low beam) consumes about 100 W. It is reasonable to assume that the run time is approximately three hours (40 km/h x 3 h = 120 km). That means the headlight pair consumes about 0.3 kWh during a charging cycle. It should be related to the 18.8 kWh battery to realize that it is equivalent to somewhere between 1-2 % of energy depending on driving conditions. LED consumes much less power of course, and perhaps there might be a difference in range of about 2 km.

The conclusion is that it is hardly worth SEK 10 000 extra for it because it will significally increase your range. Rather buy it because you like the looks of it.

For my part , I bought “5AK LED daytime running lights” but opted out of the more expensive “5A2 LED headlights”. Admittedly, I was thinking main-beam headlights when I read the accessory list and thought it was unnecessary as a city car rarely is out driving highroad at night. But “5A2 LED headlights” refers to the low beam and so during dark Swedish winter days it is lit almost all the time if you commute to work . What bothers me a bit is that the halogen headlights have a yellow tone compared to the U-shaped LED element underneath. Below some pictures of the different lights.

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Maybe I should have chosen LED headlights also…

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10 thoughts on “LED if you fancy the looks

  1. Hi
    Are you telling me that the 5AK gives LED low beam?
    Do you know that the 5A2 gives then??
    Here in Denmark we must wait until Juli…:-(

  2. Hi Thomas,
    No. The “5AK LED daytime running lights” does NOT give LED low beam, only LED daytime lights (dagsljus/parkering). Think softer lights to show your position.
    It is the “5A2 LED headlights” that gives the LED low beam (halvljus).

  3. Hi,

    Can you tell me please if “5AK LED daytime running lights” gives the blue LED interior lights or does that require the “5A2 LED headlights”?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi
      I have the ‘5AK LED daytime running lights’ and have not noticed any blue interior. Not sure if it comes with ‘5A2 LED headlights’ (since I do not have it).

  4. I can confirm that the blue LED interior lights does require the ”5A2 LED” headlights. Awesome effect!
    And thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Very nice write and useful write ups!

    1. Blue interior LED lights comes with upgraded interior package; Loft, Lodge or Suite. Nothing to do with headlights.

  5. År det någon som har erfarenhet av att uppgradera helljuset?
    Jag har en BEV -17 och helljuset är larvigt dåligt, nästan ingen skillnad från halvljuset (Xenon), som ju är utmärkt.
    Bor man som jag med vägar helt utan vägbelysning krävs bra helljus.

    1. Ja, jag har monterat xenon idag, istället för original halogen H11 i helljuset i min BEV -17. (Jag har adaptive LED i halvljuset.) Mycket bättre ljus, jag är mycket nöjd!
      Fick rekommenderat det här kittet från en duktig kille: https://www.prestandabelysning.se/product/55w-canbus-slim-premium-speedstarter-xenonkit?fbclid=IwAR047hgr8thO7Co-BgdE7jv3MIGs96JipxWJWtEhc9XTWoIi-mrBwcVxcyA
      1400kr. Ger 3ggr mer lumen än original H11-lampan. Kräver en del montering av kablar och grejer dock. Enklare installation blir det om man monterar LED (ca 1100kr), men jag vet inte om LED ger lika bra ljus som xenon…
      OBS Många bra diskussioner på fb-gruppen bmw i3 sweden !

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