Design doors

Stylish design doors can be impractical

The doors are actually really tasty and I like how the rear doors open at the rear and that BMW completely removed the center pillar (the B-pillar). It’s different and looks very futuristic. But the downside is that it’s hard to drop off people from the back seat. If all are leaving the car at the same time there is no problem but if just people from the back seat need to get out things get difficult. Because the seatbelt for the front seats are attached to the front edge of the rear doors, either the driver or front passenger first take off the seat belt, step out and then open the back door to let the passengers out.

The other day I gave the eldest son and his friend a ride to school. They wanted to sit and talk in the back seat. When they wanted to get off we realized that it was not a good idea. It is not possible to open the front door from the back. At the end I had to get out and walked around to open.

I have no children sitting in a child car seat but I’ve read about others who have testified that rear-facing seats do not work well in the backseat of the i3. Because the back door is narrow, it is difficult to access a child in a rear-facing seat.

The conclusion is that the design is wonderful and works well if everyone is in and out of the car at the same time, but that it becomes impractical if you often need to drop off passengers from the back seat.

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