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BMW has a long list of accessories and it is of course very individual how to equip a car and what the budget allows. After discussing with sales people, and especially now that the car has been delivered and we have tested it, there are three things that I think need to be clarified to avoid misunderstandings. Many have mocked BMW in Sweden after reading a test with a test car priced at 537 600 SEK. Personally I settled for 400 000 SEK and still think it was on the high side.

Please note that the below is describing what is delivered in Sweden and may be different in other regions.

1. Bluetooth and USB are standard
BMW i3 equipped with Bluetooth as standard. The price list indicates ‘Bluetooth Professional + USB connection’ at 4 800 SEK and therefore creates great confusion. I understand that the professional package contains additional synchronization options (best that you ask BMW what’s included and not).

The car we ordered only has standard Bluetooth (NOT ‘Bluetooth Professional’) and yet has the following functionality:

  • Connect car with up to four handsets
  • Make and receive calls through the car’s hands free (with car microphone and speakers)
  • Making call to contacts from your phone address book (names and numbers displayed on the large LCD screen and can be searched through the iDrive interface)
  • Stream music from phone to car speakers
  • Changing the streamed song through the iDrive interface (previous / next in a playlist)

USB I have not yet had time to test but there is a USB connector under the center armrest .

2. Rear Park Distance Control (PDC) is standard
When the car was ordered, I realized that Rear PDC sensors were only available as part of a ‘Parking Assistant Package’ at 9 400 SEK. The package also includes Reversing Assist camera, sensors front and rear and Park Assist (car will find space and park by itself) but I have never had a problem to park and thought it was an unnecessary luxury. Simple Rear PDC sensors had, however, been appreciated.

When the car has now been delivered, I realize that it comes with Rear PDC sensors as standard! It shows a clear graphics on the big screen and beeps when an object is near. Perfect! Poor though that BMW does not inform about it.

3. Heat pump only in cars without range extender (?)
As previously described we opted out of range extender for cost and performance reasons.  However, it has puzzled me why BMW has not made ​​an extra compartment below the small trunk. It would have been perfect for warning triangle and a shovel or similar.


I have now learned that this is where the heat pump has been placed that is standard in all Swedish i3. But if the heat pump is there, where is it placed in cars with a range extender? The answer is that it has no heat pump(!) At least not the same pump or with the same functionality.

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7 thoughts on “Surprising standard

  1. I’ve gone for the Bluetooth proffesional, called enhanced here in the UK, do you know
    What the proffesional system adds?


    1. Hi
      To be honest, I do not. I think it has better functionality for synchronisation, but I am not sure. I was surprised by all the good functionality Bluetooth Standard offered.

  2. Hej
    Tack för en bra och välskriven blogg.
    Undrar om du vet huruvida det finns någon “grund gps/karta” med i standard utförandet av i3 som visar tex räckvidd i kartform eller laddstationer etc?

    Annan viktig 🙂 fråga: Har du blått ljus i kupen när du låser upp? Det fanns i demobilen och var riktigt snyggt.

    Har beställt en BEV med lilla comfortpaketet…..och en reservdunk ( eller picnicladdare)enligt länk nedan.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for the encouraging words 🙂 Hope you do not mind I answer in English since i am trying to keep the blog bilingual and the comments are shared.

      The charging stations are visible on the map, but I am not sure if you need the Professional Navigation System [609] or not. In the beginning it was included without any extra charge so we have it (Without range extender).

      The best map in Sweden is ( since they have good filter possibiliitites to look at different standards and user frequently report errors etc. Good pictures also!

      No, we do not have any blue interior light and I believe comes with the “5A2 LED headlights” (LED if you fancy the looks).

      Cool extra motor. That should get rid of range anxiety if you go on a longer trip! Just be aware that with 2000W output you will only be able to charge in reduced mode (1900W, 8.7A) (Standard charger enough at home). The picnic will need to last half a day to fill an empty battery. Still good to top up the battery, and take it to rapid scharge station (Lack of rapid chargers slows down car sales).

    1. I agree that the UK option list is the best described. The UK web site, including the i3 Configurator, is also the best I have seen. Foreigners have to be careful since standard options and packages can differ but there are a lot of good pictures.
      Still, as mentioned in the post above, I received a rear PDC that is not mentioned anywhere…

  3. Hi all,

    Thanks for the article, I’m ordering my i3 this next week and it’s very helpful confirm the features. Sales guys in Barcelona explained just the same, but it’s always better have the confirmation from “real” users.

    I had the same doubts reading the BMW’s catalog. Probably they try to sell more extras by not explaining all that is included in standard…

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