Finally the first customer deliveries have arrived in Stockholm and beginning of the week we were among the first to receive a car. After a presentation of functionality at BMW we silently rolled through the garage to let it breath the fresh Stockholm air and stretch it legs and show its owner that it can live up to all expectations.

Driving pleasure
Wow! Anyone that has test driven the car understands what I mean. This car is quick and fun to drive. It’s hard to resist floor the accelerator when the traffic lights turn green. It’s probably not 0-100 km/h in 7.2 seconds that impresses most, but how the low weight and enormous torque kick start and do 0-50 km/h in 3.5 seconds. This is fun!

The tight turning radius of 9.9 meters makes it very easy to maneuver in the city. Parking is incredibly easy because the electric motor provides great precision in really low speeds. That the car measures less than four meters makes it possible to park in many places where others cannot. The odd design of the front section makes it a little difficult to see where the car ends, but perhaps it takes some time to learn.
This is a car with high visibility and many turn their head as it passes. Despite the cold January someone rolled down the side window at a traffic light to ask what car it was. The car evoke emotions and two camps appear immediately. Those with opinions about the design and electric cars in general. The second camp who think it is cool and think the concept is fantastic.

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