Cheaper than other cars

While the BMW i3 has a deterrent list price, the tax system in Sweden makes it cheaper than a similar conventional car if purchased as a company car.The Swedish version of the article walks through the financial model.

In summary, for people with high income (more then 5 000 EUR/month) that own the BMW i3 as a company car the total cost (company and employee) is approximately 30% lower then for a BMW 116d . Also for people with lower salaries it is benefitial, but then about 10% cheaper.

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4 thoughts on “Cheaper than other cars

      1. THANKS i3 owner for your info.
        So maybe BMW will understand the need of a 4-wheel driven i3 is the must and utmost solution for swedish winter climate – hopefully next i3 modell then. And it will be my next extra car.

        1. Göran, the opposit, 4-wheel drive is dangerous, heavy, costly, powerconsuming and booring:
          4 wheel drive gives 20-30% more accidents according to Folksam.
          I understand why very easy.
          The big reason for me and i3 is the rearwheel drive that makes it FUN during slippery condition. If you find a problem with 50% rear wheel drive car you:
          1) Have too bad tires OR have bad driving skills (passive driving without testing the contitions with power or handbrake all the time) OR do not plan your drive right and get stuck.

          I have had around 30 cars during my 38 years of driving RWD,FWD . My BMW 330i and Miata give me a lot of safety and pleasure that a front-wheel or 4 wheel drive can don’t. So now I will sell my last FWD car and have four RWD cars instead with good friction tires i the winter.

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